Aug 24, 2007

An E-mail To McMenamins Edgefield

Mr. Simcoe:

FYI, I've written an article regarding noise complaints during Edgefield concerts, which also now includes comments from some of your closest Troutdale neighbors at:

Some of the neighbors living closest to Edgefield have also e-mailed me. One of them wrote, "I've discussed the noise situation with DJ Simcoe, the concert manager at Edgefield, and he kindly explained to me via email that the noise level is up to each band to determine for themselves and that Edgefield has nothing to do with sound levels. He suggested neighbors contact city officials regarding excessive noise."

This is clearly an issue that needs to be resolved, but I don't believe the city is the place to begin. I don't believe the answer is necessarily a revision of Troutdale's noise ordinance. In my opinion, this is something that needs to be worked out between McMenamins Edgefield and its neighbors. That's what good neighbors do, and I'm assuming that McMenamins wants to do its part by working with, not against its residential neighbors.

I'd like your response to the neighbors complaints. I'd also like to know what steps McMenamins Edgefield has taken to work with your neighbors closest to the concert venue regarding noise and traffic issues.

I'm also forwarding this to Edgefield concert sponsors: Renaissance Homes, The Oregonian A&E, Comcast, PGE, and Gentleman Jack.

I look forward to your response.


Robert Canfield
Troutdale City Councilor
(disclaimer: this e-mail is my opinion only and not necessarily that of the Troutdale City Council)

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