Aug 27, 2007

Grow Up! Boo Hoo!

Interpret these two stories any way you wish.

Over at Blue Oregon, TA Barnhart writes ". . . the first thing we on the left have to do is grow up.", and, "We have to act like adults. Saying "I will never vote for Hillary" or "I can't vote for Obama because of [fill in your pet Truth]" is not how a responsible grown-up behaves. That's how a child refuses to accept the choices made by a democratic majority and decides that pouting will do more good."

Meanwhile, over at the The Portland Mercury we see this story, "A woman complaining about the alleged bad behavior of one of Portland Patrol, Inc.'s (PPI) downtown rent-a-cops has written to City Commissioner Erik Sten asking him to advocate for more oversight of the private officers.

Regina Hannon says that on August 9, the armed PPI officer, Philip Goodfellow, told a passerby that a group of protestors on the street outside the Arlington Club on SW Salmon "should be shot." The protest was over a presentation by one of President Bush's trade advisors, an event organized by the Portland Business Alliance (PBA)—which also happens to pay for PPI services to the tune of $1.57 million a year.

When Hannon asked Goodfellow why he had said that—and told him she intended to report him—he allegedly responded by wiping his eyes, pretending to cry, and saying, "Boo hoo, I'm so scared."

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