Oct 8, 2007

James Dobson, You Don't Speak For Me

It's attitudes like Dobson's that continue to hamper the Republican Party, both locally and nationally. There's no such thing as a 100% perfect candidate, and never has been. Dr. Dobson is living in a dream world if he thinks otherwise.

Abortion prevention is a very important issue to me, but it's not the only issue to consider. I won't support Rudy Giuliani for a number of reasons, including his position on abortion. But the abortion issue sitting alone by itself isn't a deciding factor. You have to look at the totality of a candidate's positive and negative attributes. National Security, the economy, oil dependence, school funding, there are so many issues to consider. It's foolish to throw an otherwise credible candidate to the curb over a single issue. Indeed, the Multnomah County Republicans and dare I say the Oregon Republican Party have effectively rendered themselves irrelevant by their restrictive abortion plank. You can't change ANY policy if you can't win ANY election. (Hat tip for the Dobson/Giuliani video and discussion to Hotair.com.)

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