Oct 10, 2007

Knicks Coach Isiah Thomas: Always Innocent

In an article for Fox Sports, NY Post columnist and longtime NBA analyst Peter Vecsey dropped the hammer on New York Knicks coach Isiah Thomas' long history of blaming others. (The Knicks, remember, are one cause of my sportsfan winter of discontent.)

A federal jury ordered Knicks owner Madison Square Garden to pay $11.6 million in damages to former Knicks executive Anucha Brown in her sexual harassment lawsuit. The jury also found Knicks coach Isiah Thomas subjected Browne Sanders to unwanted advances and a barrage of verbal insults, but that he did not have to pay punitive damages.Claiming to be "very innocent" of the sexual-harassment charges, Thomas said his legal issues wouldn't detract him from concentrating on his job.

Vecsey also criticized Thomas's employer, Madison Square Garden President James Dolan:
"Only James Dolan remains blissfully oblivious to Thomas' long-running con game. Only a supreme sucker like the Cablevision chairman can do business in such substandard fashion and still be in business. Only Dolan would be so arrogantly unmoved by the initial judgment. He's probably thrilled at the prospects of writing an $11.6 million check to an ex-employee for which the Knicks don't have to pay the luxury tax. "

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