Oct 10, 2007

Metro Councilor Park Stops By For a Troutdale Chat

Yes, indeed, Metro Councilor Rod Park visited us at last night's Troutdale City Council meeting. He gave us an update on Metro activities and plans for the future. After exchanging greetings before the meeting, Park suggested I might write something negative about Metro after the meeting.

Me? Write things about Metro that could be construed as negative?? I was shocked at the suggestion!

In all seriousness, while Councilor Park and I will probably never agree on much regarding Metro or regional planning, he has been a great representative for Troutdale and east Multnomah County on the Metro Council. He is always willing to answer any questions. His staff has always been prompt with requests for information. I was especially impressed with Councilor Park's ability to remain calm and cool during a contentious joint meeting of the Gresham, Wood Village, Fairview and Troutdale City Councils a few months ago.

So thanks for stopping by, Councilor Park. You're always welcome in Troutdale. By the way, about those forms the Mayor wanted you to fill out for us. . .

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