Oct 31, 2007

Monsters Protest Global Human Monster Fakery

Monsters in Troutdale are becoming more aggressive in their activism against humans who dress up as monsters to acquire candy. Here's an example of one bold Monster who is participating in a candy Direct Action by holding a sit-in on a human's front porch. Hundreds of local Monsters have complained about humans who attempt to dress up as monsters to get in on the free candy action.

A reliable Monster source credited Al Gorenstein's documentary, "An Inconvenient Milky Way Bar" with increasing awareness about the problem of Global Human Monster Fakery. The source said that a coalition of Under-the-bed, Cookie, and bug-eyed Monsters are planning a wave of direct actions to shut down the fake human monsters. Porch sit-ins, street theater, and the creation of a Monster ClarkBarmedia web presence are being considered.

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