Nov 30, 2007

Boston Celtics 104, NY Knicks 59: Bottomless Pit

Sexual harassment lawsuits. Stephon Marbury abandons the team in a fit of temper, and coach Isiah Thomas infuriates the rest of the team by starting Marbury upon his return. And now this. It's useless to say the New York Knicks have hit rock bottom. There is no bottom. Just a free fall into the pits of basketball purgatory. Celtics 104, Knicks 59.

During last night's game, the Celtics led the Knicks 82-37 with 2:44 left in the 3rd quarter. The New York Post reported, "In an incredible display of surrender, with 8:09 left and the Celtics mounting a 50-point lead on Eddie House's jumper, a Knicks fan sitting behind the basket ripped off his blue Knicks jersey, threw it onto the court in a rage and marched up the stairs and out of the building as Celtics fans applauded."

After the game, Knicks coach Isiah Thomas said, ""I don't know where this game came from." He's clueless. Everyone else knows where it came from- his incompetence as a coach. Loser.

Capecodonline summarized the Thomas situation like this:
"Thomas's resume since retiring as a player reads like a How-Not-To book on management. After serving as part-owner of the expansion Toronto Raptors for four years, he resigned following accusations of inappropriate conduct with team staff, leaving a 1-10 team that had lost eight straight. As commissioner of the Continental Basketball Association — which had survived for 50 years — he drove the league into bankruptcy in less than 24 months. As coach of the Indiana Pacers, he took a team that had a .687 winning percentage in its previous three seasons under Larry Bird and failed to win a playoff series.

Now he's with the Knicks, and you know how that's worked out. In his three full seasons running the show, they are 68 games under .500. When the 2005-06 season ended, the Knicks had the NBA's highest payroll — and the league's second-worst record. Contrary to general consensus, Thomas does not own incriminating photos of owner James Dolan."

The Knicks lead the NBA in payroll. They're $52 million over the salary cap. But they haven't won a playoff game in over six years.

Fire coach Isiah Thomas, now, for crying out loud. It's going to get worse before it gets better. A lot worse.

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