Nov 23, 2007

New Location Considered For Troutdale Library?

Sources tell me that a decision regarding the location for Troutdale's new library may have been put on hold while a new, undisclosed site is being considered. This undisclosed site was not on the siting committee's short list.

If true, I think the new site being considered may be Troutdale's urban renewal district (located behind the Columbia Gorge outlet mall). I've had conversations with several folks who believe this would be a better site than downtown Troutdale or the Thriftway Marketplace.

A developer submitting an RFP for the urban renewal site might find a library a great addition to their project's selling points. The proposed new parking structure scheduled to be added to the urban renewal site would provide easy access for library patrons.

I've heard discussions from all sides of the compass regarding the new location for Troutdale's new library. I still don't have a preference. But if a different site other than the ones presented by the siting committee are being considered, it should be made public as soon as possible.

The Multnomah County Library and the County Commission have been open and transparent with the entire siting process so far. If a different site is being considered, the public deserves a chance for input.

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