Nov 25, 2007

A Toast To Troutdale's Ike and June Handy

Ike and June Handy's service station in Troutdale used to be THE place to be in Troutdale.
Married for 70 years, Ike and June Handy are part of the heart and soul of Troutdale. From a recent article in the Gresham Outlook:

"Just at the end of World War II, as Troutdale soldier Kaz Fujii came home from heroic service in Europe, rancher Paul Martin approached Ike with a petition to keep local Japanese from returning to their farms. Ike refused to sign it and remembers that Martin threatened to “run me out of business.”

“I don’t remember now exactly what I said,” he says. “But it was something like, ‘You hop to it.’ ”

The Handys became part of the community, the Lions Club, the PTA, Scouts and the Windy Whirlers square dancers. Ike served on the Reynolds school board and the Troutdale City Council and was a pitcher for the Troutdale merchant’s softball team."

Ike Handy passed away on Saturday. A Thanksgiving toast to you, Ike and June. Our prayers are with you and your family.

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