Nov 24, 2007

My Fence Hates Me

Columbia River Gorge winds knocked down a portion of our fence again yesterday morning. It's an annual tradition at our house. From the NOAA's Troutdale hourly observations from yesterday (November 23), I'm guessing that the gusts of 40+ mph at around 3-4am might have been the culprits.

It was too windy yesterday to make repairs, and I had too much to do elsewhere. But this afternoon, the Mrs. and I got our trusty fence repair mojo working, and had things ship-shape in about an hour. (Last winter, the same section came down, and we repaired it in 30+ mph winds, with ice pellets driving into our faces. Try holding up a 15 foot section of fence with high winds blowing against it for a real workout!)

We picked up the downed 15 foot section of fence, and the Mrs. held it in place while I re-attached the ends and put in a 2X4 brace that extends from the leeward side of the fence at a 45 degree angle into the ground. I didn't dig the hole deep enough for the 2X4 brace last year, and it skidded right out of its hole.

Ok, fence. Help me out here. Stay up for a while this time!

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