Jan 25, 2008

Coming Up Next For Troutdale City Council

At next weeks's city council work session, we'll be talking about an oldie-but-goodie issue: what to do about those spray paint cans and magic markers. You know. Graffiti and those who love it. This isn't a warm an fuzzy issue for me. But it doesn't hurt to talk about potential problems and solutions now, does it?

The other topic we'll discuss during this work session is whether or not to implement a parking fee during the summer months at Troutdale's Glen Otto park. This topic makes more sense. In the warm summer months, the thousands of visitors to Glen Otto park create quite a mess every day. Tons of garbage, broken glass, and sometimes damage to park facilities. A parking fee seems like a good way to help pay for all the cleanup and damage.

Another concern at Glen Otto park, located on the Sandy river, is the increasing violence. There are some on the city council who believe that a parking fee might cause some of the troublemakers to take their trouble elsewhere. I have my doubts.

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