Jan 14, 2008

Rudy Giuliani Says It's Not a Vacuum Cleaner, It's An Air Filter!

Presidential race? What presidential race? You'd think the Democrat and Republican candidates for Prez of the U.S. were actually exchanging cannon fire right here in Oregon. It's the main topic of conversation. But the conversation, and the distant campaign cannon fire, have been going on for so long, it's just noise.

Like the sound of that train that goes through town three miles away. You know the train is noisy, long, heavy, and powerful. You hear it in the distance, but only if you really listen for it, because you're so used to your daily background noise in your own neighborhood.

I've been concentrating my "train watching" on the Sunday morning shows. Meet the Press. This Week. Fox News Sunday. Face the Nation. Did you see Tim Russert on Sunday, making Hillary squirm? And how about Rudy Giuliani's exchange with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday?

"WALLACE: But what happened, for instance, in New Hampshire where you did seem to be making an effort in November? You did pour $3 million in advertising into it and then pulled out. Why did you make that decision?

GIULIANI: Well, what happened in New Hampshire is real simple. John McCain won a very good victory. He campaigned there for quite some time. He turned it all around. He won a big victory in New Hampshire.

WALLACE: But why did you pull out in November or December before he won a victory?

GIULIANI: We didn't pull out. We didn't pull out. What we did was we decided -- I can't remember exactly when it was -- January, December -- at some point we decided that we had to put our principal focus on Florida, that that was the best strategy for us, for all the reasons that I pointed out to you."

There must be something in the water at those Sunday talk shows. Every time a Russert or a Wallace asks a politician, "You're a pyramid", the politicians ALWAY respond with, "It's not a pyramid. It's a triangle. It's not a vacuum cleaner. It's an air purification system."

Rudy, baby, you pulled out of New Hampshire, $3 million dollars poorer, with nothing to show for it! It's ok, take it like a man! It's not a vacuum cleaner, it's a humbling admission of defeat!

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