Jan 2, 2008

NW Natural Gas: You're In My Doghouse

Sometime between 6am and 10am this morning a utility locate crew entered my side yard through a gate and marked with yellow spray paint the utility they found. Yellow marking is for natural gas. Unfortunately, they left the gate on the side of my house WIDE OPEN. When I let our dog out, he went through the open gate and headed right for the front yard, where I luckily saw him before he wandered off.

This gate has a both a standard latch and a locking mechanism that goes into the ground. In addition, there's a board that is placed horizontally through brackets to prevent the east winds from "accidentally" opening the gate.

I called NW Natural Gas as at around 10:15am. They promised to have someone call me back. The original person I spoke with didn't know if it was a NW Natural employee or a contractor who was out here today. Several crews from several utilities are doing underground utility locates today in advance of Verizon's FIOS cable placement. Our neighborhood yards have multiple spray paint colors now.

I don't mind having them go into my backyard for the utility locate, but it's infuriating to think that what happened with our dog might be happening all over Troutdale today. You opened the gate! Close it!

The clock is ticking. I'm curious to find out how long it will take for NW Natural to call me back.

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