Feb 18, 2008

2008-09 Troutdale City Council Goals

2008-09 City Council Goals

1 Completion of Troutdale Riverfront Renewal Plan (primary focus)

A. Demonstrate clear progress made on redevelopment in a transparent manner (time is of the essence).

1. Move Parks & Facilities after new building constructed

2. Develop options for securing the former Waste Water Treatment Plant after Parks and Facilities moves out.

3. Award a contract (DDA) for the redevelopment of the of the Riverfront Renewal Plan (12/31/08).

4. Complete purchase option with Chelsea Corporation by 12/31/08.

2. Encourage Economic Development

A. Continue membership and support for East Metro Economic Alliance (EMEA).

B. Seek and provide consultation to developers to redevelop the Marino block and other downtown parcels. (Bremik Development holds current option to develop and has asked for and received City assistance – 7/1/07)

C. Continue to support Mt. Hood Community College “back forty” site to meet the Governor’s shovel-ready development criteria for marketing sites e.g. Manufacturing 21 development proposal in December 2006.

D. Support the Port of Portland in developing the Reynolds (Alcoa) site.

E. Continue to research the Economic Development position with other cities.

3. Transportation Improvements

A. Address local and regional needs at the I-84 Interchange by supporting EMEA & CCRD initiatives.

B. Develop strategies to improve Stark Street between 257th and Troutdale Road to arterial standards. (Continue to work with Multnomah County to obtain funding for culvert portion – minimal staff time.)

C. Work cooperatively with Metro and Multnomah County to replace the three culverts on Troutdale Road, Stark Street and Cochran Drive for fish passage. (See B above.)

D. Ask Multnomah County to fund Project No.97, Median Improvements on 257th. (4/30/07)

E. Conduct an ODOT/County/City public meeting with I-84 Truck Stops to review Backage Road plan impacts in Spring 2008.

F. Support ODOT’s proposal for pedestrian/bike bridge over the Sandy River.

G. Support continued study of the north/south connection between I-84 and Highway 26.

H. Work on strategies to maintain Troutdale’s own roads.

4. Continue Addressing Fiscal Issues

A. Begin strategic planning for potential 2008 bond issue for a police building/city hall.

B. Continue to monitor the Multnomah County Business Tax.

C. Continue to monitor the Building Inspection revenue and General Fund Balance.

D. Follow up on the consultants’ recommendations for the Planning/Building Divisions in Community Development in light of the inspection service changes.

5. Strategically Evaluate City Land and Building Usage

6. Improve and Support the Livability in Troutdale

A. Explore options for more down zoning.

B. Analyze options for expanding the City’s Urban Growth boundary.

C. Maintain citizen involvement

1. Pursue options for Council/community/school partnerships.

a. “Students in the Council” - MHCC and Reynolds

b. Contact schools and develop a plan with 3 to 5 students.

2. Support recognized neighborhood associations.

D. Analyze budget for additional police on the beach at Glenn Otto.

E. Investigate transit options for commuters.

F. Annual land use training for Council, Planning Commission and Citizens Advisory Committee.

G. Change the Council Goal Setting Session to November or early December to tie to the budget building.

7. Provide Excellent Customer Service

A. Customer Service Committee established and meets quarterly to work on set objectives e.g. customer service training, workforce mission statement.

B. Provide citizens a clear process to report Verizon Fiber to the Home installation problems.

8. State Legislative Issues

A. Explore creating an annual City of Troutdale list of legislative goals.

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