Feb 8, 2008

Feb. 5 City Council Goal Setting Session

The city council expressed interest in most of my ideas for 2008. Whether or not they come to fruition depends on costs, legal obstacles, or staff time. At least they're on the table for consideration, except for the summer parking fee at Glen Otto park. The city council was split on that idea, in spite of support from the city's police and parks departments.

A summary of my new proposals:

- Explore providing streaming video online for Troutdale city council meetings.

-Downzone remaining A2 high density to R5 or R7.

-Summer parking fee at Glen Otto Park (rejected by majority of city council)

-Explore city-funded mass transit alternatives, such as resurrecting the "Banfield Flyer"

-City/School partnerships- internships, job shadow, mock student city council, etc.

-Establish more definite strategy for future growth.

-Overhaul Comprehensive Plan

-Make reorganization of Planning, Building Dept. a high priority.

-Annual joint planning commission/city council work session for review of current land use law and recent court cases.

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