Mar 14, 2008

Streetcars In Troutdale? Guess Who.

Two developers submitted responses to the city of Troutdale's RFQ for its urban renewal district. They are CenterCal Properties and William and Dames Development. I haven't looked at the actual RFQ responses, but the Mrs. (she's on the urban renewal advisory committee) mentioned to me that the Williams and Dame submittal included a streetcar as something Troutdale might enjoy as part of its Riverfront Renewal Project.

A streetcar in Troutdale. Hmm. I just hope it has nothing to do with recycled 737 airframes.
Seriously, I don't see any demand for a streetcar in Troutdale. The city certainly isn't in a financial position to construct or operate something like this. (However, Metro does want to run light rail out to Mt. Hood Community College).

Want to know more about the proposals by the two developers? Troutdale's riverfront renewal advisory committee will be meeting at the city conference building Monday, March 17 at 6:30pm, 223 S. Buxton, Troutdale. The committee will interview representatives of the developers regarding their proposals. The public is welcome.


Goemagog said...

why not ask metro to submit a plan for extending light rail into troutdale via mhcc. if they give you a plan, even without a budget or timetable, it'll give you a starting point to work other things around, so that if/when they do extend it into troutdale, the impact and cost are minimized.

Troutdale Councilor Canfield said...

You'll have to offer this suggestion to another member of the Troutdale city council.

I will never support light rail.