Mar 13, 2008

City Of Troutdale Continues Excellent Safety Record

Congratulations, city of Troutdale employees!

Liberty Northwest
has awarded the city of Troutdale, Oregon with a Silver Recognition Award for its exemplary safety record of five consecutive years without lost employee time due to work-related injuries.

Prior to implementing its workplace safety plan, Troutdale experienced 45 Lost Time Days during the 2001-2002 workers’ compensation policy year. While minor claims have occurred between 2003 and the present, none have resulted in any employee lost time.

Ms. Denise Burton, senior loss prevention consultant, Liberty Northwest, presented the award to the Troutdale Safety Committee and was the specialist that helped the city develop its workplace safety plan in 2002.

“What we did in Troutdale is what we do for all of the employers we insure. We look at previous loss data and make recommendations to control the sources of risk, minimize potential losses and the costs associated with them,” said Ms. Burton. “Whether a large employer or a small city government, we conduct hazard assessments on all aspects of the workplace to identify health and safety risks and implement accident prevention programs.”

For Troutdale, with over 80 employees working in both office and outdoor settings, Liberty Northwest Loss Prevention services evaluated work settings that included Troutdale’s Police Department and various Parks and Facilities locations. Muscle strains are among the most common lost time injuries and can occur in just about any work setting.

“We are able to give a detailed evaluation of the relative risk associated with manual handling tasks and help prevent strains and repetitive motion injuries,” added Ms. Burton. “This has been of particular value to Troutdale in avoiding lost time injuries over the last five years.

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ron w said...

Glad to here this. Does this include the cops? I don`t want them having problems ether.