Apr 2, 2008

Troutdale's Water Testing Vendor Decertified By State

From Oregonlive.com:
"A Portland laboratory that tests drinking water samples for more than 400 public systems serving more than 250,000 Oregonians has had its certification revoked by state health officials because of faulty results.The Oregon Public Health Division said there is no cause for alarm and no evidence of anyone getting sick as a result of errors of Coffey Laboratories."

According to the article, Coffey Laboratories ". . . has contracts for monthly bacteria testing with 439 municipal and small water systems in east Multnomah County, Lane County and parts of central Oregon. The list includes Gresham, Rockwood, Troutdale, Fairview, Corbett, Wood Village, Estacada and Cascade Locks."

Troutdale city staff will be providing a status report regarding if or how this affects Troutdale's water quality and testing soon.

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ron w said...

would it be possible use 2 different testing labs ? maybe one on the even months and the other odd months. Thought is to have a report from one company one month and from the other the next month.