Apr 2, 2008

The Turkey Sandwich Thief

Last night the Mrs. made me a turkey sandwich for a quick dinner before I headed off to an urban renewal agency meeting. I went back into the kitchen to refill my water glass. When I returned to our family room a mere 30 seconds later, I noticed our dog George W. had something sticking out of his mouth- a piece of BREAD CRUST! He ate that sandwich quicker than the time it took you to read about it!

I was surprised. He usually leaves our "human food" alone unless we drop something on the floor. The last time he pulled something like this was a few years ago, when we left half of a take and bake pizza on the kitchen counter unattended overnight. The only incriminating evidence we found was a little tomato sauce on the kitchen floor, and a happy dog.

Candygram. . ..telegram. . .plumber? Nope. Dog. . .. Nope. Land Shark.

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