May 9, 2008

Get A Troutdale Tram "Ticket For Life"!

Mass Tram America is now offering a "Ticket for life" for their tram for only $100! According to their highwayinthesky website,

"We want you to have the chance of a lifetime: to get on board Mass Tram America, with a lifetime ticket! Why are we doing this? Mass Tram America is a grassroots movement for a new form of transportation. This will happen and it can happen even sooner with your support! For a mere $100.00 you get a Ticket for Life, no strings attached. This is a limited time offer. You will expect to pay an estimated $.42 per mile so over a lifetime you could save quite a bit, and be one of the first to hold a ticket for Mass Tram America!"

Their website says they are currently looking at a Mass Tram project between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, a 270 mile route that would cost $1.9 billion. If they sell 19 million "Tickets for Life" at $100 each, they'll have enough money to build their highway in the sky.

This time last year, the media was buzzing with Mass Tram America's proposal for a tram from Troutdale to Mt. Hood. I discussed their proposal to the Troutdale City Council here and here . The consensus of the City Council was to urge them to come back when they had some solid financials to show us. But I think we've been priced out of consideration. Oh well.

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