Jun 16, 2008

Glen Otto Park Flood Pics, May 18, 2008

About a month ago, The trail to the Sandy River at Troutdale's Glen Otto Park was under three to four feet of ice cold snow runoff. These pictures were taken at the park on May 18, 2008 around 6:30pm. Fortunately, the trail to the beach yesterday was a little muddy, but passable.

This picture shows the non-existent beach of the Sandy River on the far left. On the far right you can see a crowd of people waiting for a ride on a makeshift "ferry" across the icy cold water between the river and the Glen Otto Park parking lot.

The crowd is shown here waiting their turn for the "ferry" trip across the icy deep. . .

The generous (and probably freezing) Good Samaritan tows his ferry passengers through 3-4 feet of ice cold water to the parking lot trail.

And here's the view from the ferry's western destination, the trail leading to Glen Otto Park's parking lot. You can get a better idea of the amount of water that covered the park from this view. This view looks to the east- the Sandy River is beyond the sand bar in the distance, left of center.

Finally, the view looking eastward, toward the Sandy River, from the top of the trail to the parking lot.

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