Jun 20, 2008

NIMBY, Even at Thousand Acres

While browsing in the Yahoo group for "Sandy River Delta" users, I was a little surprised to see opposition to ODOT's proposed bike bridge across the Sandy River. Read the messages opposing the bike bridge here.

Here are some quotable quotes from the messages:
  • "Why are we trying to make 1,000 acres more accessible?"
  • . "I agree that we can't actively block new users, but I think it's prudent to oppose unnecessary development."

I guess I shouldn't be surprised at the NIMBY comments. I doubt there would be a need for the Troutdale City Council if not for our own lovable NIMBY folks within Troutdale.. Just kidding. But I think you get my point.

Folks, here's the concept of the Sandy River Delta, otherwise known as Thousand Acres.
IT'S A THOUSAND ACRES. One thousand acres. I've been there so many times when the parking lot was full, and after a ten minute walk away from the parking lot, my dog and I encountered no people, no dogs, nothing but a THOUSAND acres. For long stretches of time. Sure, the Forest Service may limit the dog area a little, but we'll still have plenty of room for more bird, dog, horse, and overall nature lovers.

Thousand Acres IS my back yard. And I say every law-abiding nature lover is welcome in my "Thousand Acres" back yard.

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