Jul 3, 2008

Troutdale Library Location Finally Approved!

From Multnomah County Commissioner Lonnie Roberts:

Commissioner Lonnie Roberts is pleased to announce that he will be recommending the Discovery Block site, a keystone development in the center of historic downtown Troutdale, as the location for the new Troutdale Library. At approximately 5700 sq. ft., the library will be the anchor tenant of a mixed use facility that may be built in phases, the first of which will include the library.

The latest planning effort for the new Troutdale library began in early 2007 with a series of meetings with Troutdale community leaders. This led to the formation of the Troutdale Siting Committee, a group of area residents recommended by community leaders. The committee met with County staff throughout 2007 to develop and to evaluate potential sites. On October 29, 2007, a community-wide public meeting was held to get community input on three potential sites for the new library. In December 2007 the Board directed exclusive negotiations with the Discovery Block and the Gateway Corner. Developers of both sites were responsive to the County’s Lease Terms Solicitation and their competitive efforts are appreciated. As a result of extensive negotiations, District 4, the Library, and Facilities and Property Management agree that the Discovery Block is ideal as the site for the new branch. An accessible downtown location, a solid civic presence, adaptive logistics and design, and a competitive financial structure all contribute to this recommendation.

Commissioner Roberts' office will be submitting Agenda materials, including a letter of intent, for consideration by the Board of County Commissioners at their July 17 Board meeting.

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