Aug 22, 2008

A Brush With Disaster

Early yesterday morning at about 6am, while eastbound on NE Marine Drive near 185th, a westbound car drifted over into my lane about 1/4 mile in front of me. I took my foot off the accelerator and began braking as my inner alarm bells clanged. I pondered my options, and there were only two: go onto the bike lane, which was barely wide enough for a car, and the last option if the other car continued drifting across the road- drive down the steep embankment.

The other car kept coming toward me in my lane, but fortunately for me, stayed in my lane. It was going to be a tight squeeze. I wanted more distance, so I edged my two right wheels a little over the embankment. The other car missed me by inches. Inches. This was the closest call I've had in years.

Who was the other driver? I was too focused on avoiding the other car to get any kind of look at the driver. What were they thinking? Asleep at the wheel? Drunk? On a cell phone? Or did the other driver do it on purpose? Does the other driver have any idea how close we both came to serious injury or death? Thank goodness there wasn't a bicyclist on the bike path.

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