Aug 26, 2008

I'm Not Running For Re-Election

I've decided not to run for another term on the Troutdale City Council. After many walks, talks, bike rides, and late night conversations with the Mrs, and after deciding on our priorities for the next 4-5 years, something had to go. And the investment of time required for another four years on the city council didn't make the cut.

I really like being a city councilor. I even enjoyed the hours required to read incredibly dry (dare I say boring) documents while preparing for meetings- zoning ordinances, city ordinances, legal opinions, and staff reports. I will miss analyzing and debating all of that complicated reading material to determine what decisions would be best for Troutdale.

I think I missed only 2 out of probably 130+ city council regular meetings over the last four years. The Mrs. only complained once. Valentines Day, 2006 was on a city council night. We ate a rushed "Valentines" dinner right before the meeting. The Mrs. sat in the audience and handed out chocolates. My chocolates. Touche'.

It has been an honor to serve the citizens of Troutdale for the past four years. It has been a pleasure to work with my fellow city councilors and city staff.

I won't miss the meetings that lasted until midnight or later. I will miss the spirited and sometimes respectfully contentious discussions.

I won't miss coming home after a meeting that lasted until 11pm or later and being too wired to sleep. I will miss coming home after a meeting that lasted until 11pm or later and being too wired to sleep.

I won't miss being threatened in the lobby of the city council chambers by local residents after a particularly tense council decision. I will miss meeting and talking with the other 99-44/100 percent of Troutdale residents who are always a pleasure to get to know.

I won't miss wearing a suit and tie during city council meetings, with the TV lights blasting on us and the council chambers air conditioning turned off. I will miss tossing the suit jacket into the car after a meeting and going to a late night beer and bull session at the Quagmire or Edgefield with city staffers and/or fellow city councilors.

I won't miss having to become an "instant expert" on new and complicated matters within the space of a few days, such as Enterprise Zones, tax increment financing, government bond financing, and urban growth boundaries. I will miss getting prompt and accurate technical advice and counsel from our experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated city staff.

It's been a great four years. Thank you, Troutdale residents, for the opportunity to serve.

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William Flynn said...

Well, I'm a regular reader of your articles and sincerely hope you continue to offer insightful commentary about the issues we all face in this wonderful city of ours.

Almost every day, at least when things heat up a bit, I look forward to logging on to the Canfield Blog and getting the latest in-depth news on topics important to all of us. We have a really great little city and you, Councillor Canfield, keep Troutdale abreast on local news in a timely and accurate fashion.

As a Troutdale City Councillor you had the inside scoop on the latest topics and shared it with the rest of us. Thank you, and I hope you keep at it.