Aug 28, 2008

Midnight At The Oasis

What's the best thing about late August evenings? A little blogging and a little bit of ice cream. And the jets flying overhead on approach to PDX. It's nice and quiet upstairs at our house. I had two desserts tonight. I met a close friend of mine tonight down at Shari's for some marionberry pie and some business/politics/personal conversation. Then, to my delight, the Mrs. had an ice cream sandwich waiting for me when I got home. Now that's the kind of surprise, although a little sugary, that I like!

The Mrs. and I watched a little of Joe Biden's Democrat VP acceptance speech. I thought he could have delivered a better presentation. It wasn't anything to write home about. I watched a little of Hillary's speech last night. What's up with her shouting at the convention audience, anyway.. I. SUPPORT. OBAMA. NO. WAY. McCAIN. What's up with her shouting? Here's a woman who has spent a lifetime in politics, making speeches. And she always shouts them out as if her audience is 100 yards away and she doesn't have any amplification equipment. After all these years, you'd think she would get better at speechifyin'. You'd think she would get better. At least Joe Biden, although reading from a teleprompter, sounded conversational in his delivery.

Hey Hillary. Hey Joe. Here's the way to give a convention speech:

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