Oct 19, 2008

What's Happening Lately

Has is really been two weeks since I've posted something on here? Wow.
It's been a busy autumn season in our neck of the Troutdale woods.
What's been happening on the City Council front? Let's see.

The Port of Portland and FedEx finally closed on the Port's purchase
of property at the old Reynolds Aluminum plant in Troutdale. FedEx
bought the land, so that means they're serious about building a
distribution facility in Troutdale. Just kidding. Of course they're

The City Council voted to approve a modification to the conditional use
permit of the RV park down the street from Glen Otto park. Instead of
replacing a bridge that is now the only entrance into the RV park, they
can now build an access road from the north end of the RV park and
connect with Columbia River Highway right in front of Glen Otto park.

In another quasi-judicial appeal from the Planning Commission, the City
Council voted to modify a conditional use permit for the Reynolds
District Arthur Academy to add a 6th grade to its existing K-5 program.

On the urban renewal front, no news is good news, right? Actually, no
news is bad news. Word on the street from our consultant indicates that
developers are playing their cards close to the vest because of the
current financial situation. They're interested, but financing is tough
to come by right now. What is my wish list for a developer proposal for
our property behind Troutdale's outlet mall? I'd like a developer o buy
both our property AND the outlet mall property and transorm the entire
area into something special for our community.

And what about Cabela's? Are they interested in the property or not?
Only time will tell. I've read news reports saying that Cabela's will
only be adding two new stores in 2009, and they may be smaller than
existing Cabela stores. Only time will tell. Cabela's, if you're
reading this, we'd love to have you! There are loads of potential
customers out here who would love to buy their
hunting/camping/fishing/kayaking/outdoor products from you.

There's a race for mayor of Troutdale between my fellow city councilors
David Ripma and Jim Kight. Based on people I've talked to about this
race, support is evenly divided between the two. Both have their unique
qualities they bring to the table. I haven't made up my own mind yet.

Troutdale city staff leadership is going through a changing of the
guard. Troutdale City Administrator John Anderson is retiring. He's
being replaced by Troutdale Chief of Police David Nelson. City Finance
Director Paul Hughes is leaving us in order to take a job out of state
in order to be closer to his family. And Public Works Director Jim
Galloway will be retiring in a few months. All of these staffers have
made significant contributions to the quality of life for all Troutdale
residents. They will be sorely missed

And what about yours truly? Do I regret not running for re-election to
the City Council? Absolutely not. I feel better about my decision every
single day. I love being on the City Council.

But I won't miss burning the candle at both ends.

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LynnKing said...

Cabela's would be a great draw to Troutdale businesses! Hopefully we can get the 'race-track' issue fixed (the I-84 exit, Frontage Road) -

What happened to the quick-fix temporary idea of making the left eastbound lane on Frontage be the left turn and entrance lane? ... leaving the right two lanes for right turns only??