Nov 8, 2008

Why Troutdale's Police Station Bond Measure Failed

44% Yes, 55% No. Troutdale voters rejected Bond Measure 26-99 which would have provided about $4.5 million to construct a badly needed new Troutdale police station. I believe this measure could have passed if there had been a longer, better financed campaign.

A poll conducted by the Nelson Report for the City of Troutdale in May, 2008 predicted the 44% "yes" vote. That poll also indicated that if voters were educated on the physical status of the current outdated and cramped police station (which is actually an old bank branch), voter approval could reach up to 58%. Unfortunately, the timing of this bond measure didn't allow for more time to organize a campaign that would have provided more money for direct mail or to attract more volunteers to go door to door. No voter education and door to door contact, no $4.5 million for a new police station.

Although this bond measure failed, the need for a new police station exists.

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