Dec 20, 2008

Roads Safe For Grocery Stores, But Not For Schools?

I'll never understand it. Area schools were closed for most of this week due to weather related "safety" concerns. But have you gone to the grocery stores this week? They're packed! We just got back from the Wood Village Fred Meyer. The weather out here in east county is awful today. Weather conditions are worse than any other day this week. Temp: 20 degrees. East wind: 25mph with gusts 40+ mph. +1 degree wind chill factor. Occasional whiteout conditions. And yet, there they were, hundreds of families in the Fred Meyer aisles with kids of all ages, shopping like there's no tomorrow.

If it's too dangerous to drive your kids to school, why are you dragging them to the grocery store with you? Maybe it's the gridlocked, ice covered grocery store parking lots. They're safer than those school lots, wouldn't you agree?

All I can say is, go figure.

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