Dec 20, 2008

Troutdale's 2008 Blizzard

If you're in Troutdale right now, you wouldn't want to be outside. It's 19 degrees. The wind is blowing a steady 28 mph with gusts over 40 mph. The snow continues to blast from the sky sideways, exceeding the 25 mph speed limit in our neighborhood. I estimate there's about 6 inches of snow in our front yard right now. The wind is truly howling, it's snowing constantly, and whiteout conditions exist. You literally can't see down the street more than 100-200 feet, and when the wind gusts come, the blowing snow prevents any visibility.

We went for a short walk all bundled up, but with 25-45 mph gorge winds and the blowing snow, you really need ski goggles when facing the wind. We kept our heads down and our eyes half closed walking into the wind for the miserable trek back to the house. We wondered what the heck did we go outside for, anyway? It was like stepping onto another planet. A very cold planet.

Our dog George loves the snow, though. He can't get enough of it! We've been tossing him snowballs to chase in between his sprints through the drifting snow. When he stops running, he has jumped in the air several times in an attempt to catch the snow in his mouth. He loves this weather! But it's so bad outside, there will be no more outside play for dog or human tonight.

Tonight, staying inside is the place to be. With I-84 eastbound currently closed between Troutdale and Hood River, the truck stops will fill up with semi rigs quickly. On the news just now, there's a reporter doing her TV reporting thing down at Flying J. What a way to make a living. I bet the TV stations don't pay them extra, either. I feel sorry for the gas station attendants at the truck stops down there. I would imagine that the Holiday Inn Express and the Comfort Inn will fill up fast with stranded travellers tonight.

And it's supposed to get worse. The forecast calls for freezing rain tonight and tomorrow. What a mess!

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