May 21, 2010

Kulongoski/Democrats NOW Say Oregon's About To Suffer Decades of Pain? PLEEEZ.

It's takes my breath away to see the Oregonian's front page headline this morning. It also angers me to my core. "State faces decade of pain", says the headline. "Oregon risks 10 years of crushing, multibillion-dollar budget shortfalls unless it immediately puts the brakes on spending and starts offering fewer services, cautions a new report released Thursday. This is no attack by anti-tax or anti-government factions. The warning comes from Gov. Ted Kulongoski's "reset Cabinet," a group of trusted advisers he appointed to assess the state's long-term fiscal outlook and suggest changes."
Yes, I am angry and flabbergasted at the hypocrisy  of the democrats. THEY CAUSED THIS MESS.  Are you people for real? It didn't take a special governor's committee to figure this out.  Throw these bums out of office in November. Throw them out for good!

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