Oct 10, 2011

Occupy Portland: You've Met Them

You already know the people who call themselves "Occupy Portland":
  • The co-worker who's always late for work. 
  • The bicyclist who flipped you off after you honked your horn because you almost hit her while she blasted through a red light. 
  • The waiter that ignored you for your entire dinner, but followed you outside to berate you because you didn't leave a tip.
  • The roommate who never washes her own dishes and is always late with her share of the rent.
  • The relative who is never on time for family functions.
  • The "friend" who has never returned the book you loaned to him.
  • The carpooler who never, ever chips in for gas or parking.
  • The co-worker who never brings anything to the office potluck, but always first in line at lunchtime.
  • The bus driver that kicks moms with their screaming babies off the bus.
  • The high school student on the bus or light rail train that refuses to move his man-bag so the old lady can have a seat.
  • People that still have John Kerry bumper stickers on their car. 
  • Retired California Probation Officers.

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