Oct 15, 2011

Say Goodbye To Troutdale Taxpayer Dollars

Original Estimate of Troutdale's Centennial Arch: $80,000. Actual Cost: Over $350,000.
Original Estimate of Troutdale's New Parks Maintenance Building? $700,00. Actual Cost? $1.2 Million.
Original Estimate of Troutdale's Sunrise Park Parking Lot? $150,000. Actual Cost? $210,000(so far).

When private companies make mistakes, they lose their own money and eventually go out of business. This makes private business owners cautious and careful.

However, when a city like Troutdale makes mistakes on things like building project estimates, there are no consequences. It's your money that's lost. And the city has no reason to be cautious and careful with your money, because there are no consequences when they waste your money. The city just spends more of your money. And it raises your taxes.  

What a way to run a city. 

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MAX Redline said...

Obviously, you need light rail!