Sep 4, 2012

Mayor Kight To Chamber, City Council: Fuhgaddaboudit!

The City of Troutdale gets an ex-officio Executive Board seat at the West Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce. That position has been held by Troutdale Mayor Jim Kight.

The Chamber recently requested that the city replace Mayor Kight on the Executive Board and appoint one of the members of the city's Economic Development subcommittee to the ex-officio seat.

Fast forward to the August 28, 2012 Troutdale City Council Meeting.  Instead of granting the Chamber's request, Mayor Kight told the City Council he was going to re-appoint himself to the ex-officio seat on the Chamber's Executive Board. You can listen to the relevant part of that city council meeting here.

According to both the city charter and city statutes, the Mayor has the power to appoint the City Council member of his choice, including himself, to non-city committees.

You don't have to read between any lines to figure out that the Chamber no longer wanted Mayor Kight on its Executive Board.  It's seems, however, they're stuck with him for a while. Badabing, Badaboom.

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MAX Redline said...

As I understand it, there's a competitor for Kight's mayoral chair. Overdue.