Oct 13, 2012

House District 49: Chris Gorsek Deserves Your Vote

When choosing between political candidates, I believe a person should vote for the most qualified candidate. To me, “most qualified” is defined by four attributes: Leadership. Experience. Honesty. Integrity.

I had the honor of serving on the Troutdale City Council with both candidates running for Oregon House District 49 this year, Matt Wand and Chris Gorsek. In this HD 49 election, the cream definitely rises to the top. I’m voting for Chris Gorsek. I believe he is the most qualified candidate. 

Chris Gorsek knows how the economy has hurt many of our neighbors. He’ll fight hard to cut bureaucratic red tape, making it easier to create new businesses and new jobs in East County.

Our crime problems aren’t just a debate club topic for Gorsek. Before he was a Professor of Criminal Justice at Mt. Hood Community College, he was a police officer with the Portland Police Bureau for seven years. This real world experience gives him a clear advantage over Mr. Wand regarding East County’s public safety issues.

As a Professor at Mt Hood Community College, Chris Gorsek knows firsthand the terrible consequences of education budget cuts. We agree that the politicians in Salem have skewed priorities when it comes to education.  He’s committed to making education the top budget priority in the Oregon Legislature. Chris will fight hard to bring more education dollars to our schools. 

I’m a Republican. However, party affiliation and ideology are secondary to honesty and integrity as the most important leadership qualities I look for in a candidate for public office. I trust Chris Gorsek. He can be relied on to do what he says he’ll do. And he’s honest. He has never lied to me, or attempted to deceive me. 

I encourage voters to join me and vote for Chris Gorsek.

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