Sep 27, 2014

Troutdale City Council Campaigns: The Good, The Bad, The Empty.

They're not running against each other, but  Troutdale city council candidates David Ripma and Larry Morgan have both posted campaign videos on YouTube. And what about Morgan's opponent, Norm Thomas? Thomas has no campaign video, but we'll discuss his campaign web site.

In their videos, neither Ripma or Morgan said anything particularly valuable to potential voters regarding specific visions or goals for Troutdale. However, there was a tremendous difference in the impact of each video. 

First: the good: Morgan's video was short, concise, and to the point- about a minute and a half. He appealed to voter emotions by talking about growing up in Troutdale, and wanting to give his generation the same opportunities as previous generations.

Next: the bad: Ripma's video was extremely long, tedious, and unfortunately un-watchable due to Ripma's  decision to descend into policy wonk-speak. He droned on with numerous "umms" and aahs" about the tiniest details regarding a Troutdale city hall replacement.

He even contradicted himself regarding refurbishing the old city hall, saying refurbishing would be the "least expensive and best option". In his very next breath he said, "But that remains to be seen". Classic politician double-speak- Yes! But maybe No!

Ripma continues to drone on for the remaining video-over five minutes! The video violates a basic YouTube video rule: Grab their attention, keep it short, and use attention getting sound bites people will remember.

And last but most definitely the least: the empty. Incumbent Norm Thomas is Larry Morgan's opponent. Thomas doesn't have a video on YouTube. As far as I have seen, Thomas doesn't even have yard signs out yet. Thomas does, however, have a campaign web site.

On his website, Thomas listed several campaign endorsements, including the following:

PAUL THALHOFER, Mayor of Troutdale.

What can you say about a candidate for city council who claims to be endorsed by Thalhofer, who passed away seven months ago? It certainly shows a lack of respect for the late, great Paul Thalhofer, not to mention Troutdale voters.

There you have if so far. The good, the bad, and the empty of local political races in Troutdale.

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