Oct 21, 2014

Comcast couldn't sell their way out of a paper bag- My "Comcast Sucks" Story.

Comcast online chat. Wanted to change around some services. Lengthy drawn out chat.

I continued to state specifically what I wanted.   Five times. A net upgrade! An easy sale for Comcast!

Blah blah online agent types one more question etc etc.

 Comcast chat agent gives me a sales pitch for the product I already asked them to add. (You made the sale, Comcast, CLOSE THE DEAL!).

 Sales pitch sales pitch sales pitch for things I don't want

 Finally I typed (for the sixth time) please add X and remove Y,  It was a going to be a net upgrade for Comcast, for crying out loud.

The online chat person typed they can add X but cannot remove Y, I must call to remove Y (Like I want t spend three hours on the phone with Comcast asking hundreds of times to remove a product.)

 You lost the sale, Comcast.

A sure thing.

You didn't even have to ask me for the sale!

 What losers.

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