Jul 18, 2015

It's Troutdale Summerfest Today!

Troutdale. It's a small town, like thousands of other small towns across the country.  But it's different, isn't it? Because this is our home, all 15,000+ of us. Like other small towns, ours is a friendly place, where people say "hello, how are you?" to perfect strangers.

 It's a place where you see farm tractors driving by- not just in parades- but on any given day! It's a place where you can walk down the middle of Stark St. or Troutdale Rd. at night, because there isn't much traffic.It's a place where you might see a coyote, a beaver, a skunk, or even a cougar. It's a place where you see families at our parks having fun.

So today, let's celebrate our small town at our Summerfest event. Let's celebrate the place we call home, our beloved Troutdale.

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