Feb 7, 2006

The Joys of Public Service

Aaah... the smell of February is in the air. While some people are glued to their T.V. sets on Tuesday evenings, watching American Idol, the Troutdale City Council begins its annual goal setting session tonight. (Click HERE for the current City Council goals).

Most of the goals begin with wonderful, lofty terms like "Pursue", "Evaluate", "Explore", "Review", "Assist", "Cooperate with". Actually, this is great. Because no matter what happens, the City Council can make a good case that its goals were accomplished.

They aren't my idea of what goals should be... measurable, specific, etc. But hey, I'm a team player. Who am I to judge what the will of the City Council should be?

Next Tuesday, while the rest of you are enjoying chocolates, bon bons, and candlelight dinners with your significant others on Valentine's Day, the Troutdale City Council will be slogging through a meeting agenda with EIGHT agenda items, plus the Mayor's State of the City address.

We're going to deal with romantic subjects such as resolutions regarding solid waste collection fees, accepting assets into the City's fixed asset system, and intergovernmental agreements. We will also be discussing and voting on ordinances regarding Troutdale's urban renewal plan. and changes to the transient lodging tax.

I predict next week's meeting ends well after midnight. Happy Valentine's day, honey.


Oregon Republican League said...

Ahhhhhh... Councilor Canfield... you forgot the other joys of public service: the occasional picketing, name calling and death threats.

On the whole, though, civic service is a duty and responsibility, whether it's serving on a neighborhood watch, a budget review committee, any of the hundreds of other appointive positions available (at all levels of government/community) or as an elected representative. It is our collective responsibility to pitch in, do the hard work and "move the ball".

Best wishes,

Tony Larson, Oregon Republican League

Troutdale Canfield said...

Wow, I forgot about the picketing, name calling and death threats. You're right, those activities are also part of the grand tradition of public service.

I experienced picketing, name calling, and yes, death threats back in my union days. So far in my experience as a City Councilor, I have only experienced name calling.

Let's see, so far on City Council I've been called gullible,
subversive, mean-spirited, among other things. I've been accused of going on witch-hunts and inquisitions.

All in all, I'd say it's a pretty good response!