Apr 11, 2006

NASCAR to Kitsap County: $$ Now, Or You're Black Flagged

NASCAR track builder ISC Corp. has given Kitsap County 90 days to put up or shut up with state support of a $345 million dollar race facility in Kitsap County. During their recent legislative session, State of Washington legislators had no interest in providing any public funding for the proposed facility.

What does this mean for hopes of a NASCAR track in Troutdale? I don't know. However, until you hear "Gentlemen, start your engines" in Kitsap County, there's still hope for a Troutdale track.

Track Builders Open 90 Day Window To Drum Up Support :
“As a company, we spent a lot of money last year trying to make this a reality,” ISC vice president Grant Lynch said. “It really doesn’t make any sense to continue spending money at that rate if we have no opportunity for success.”
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