Oct 22, 2007

35 Things Al Gore Forgot To Mention

  1. Sea Levels are NOT "rising 6m."
  2. Pacific Islands are NOT "drowning".
  3. Thermohaline circulation is NOT "stopping".
  4. CO2 is NOT "driving temperature."
  5. Global Warming is NOT "melting the snows of Kilimanjaro."
  6. Global Warming did NOT cause Lake Chad's "drying up."
  7. Hurricane Katrina was NOT "Man made."
  8. Polar Bears are NOT "dying."
  9. Global Warming did not cause reef "Bleaching."
  10. 11ppmv of CO2 is NOT "melting mile-thick ice."
  11. Hurricane Caterina was NOT "Man made."
  12. 2004 did NOT "set a new record" for Japanese typhoons.
  13. Hurricanes will NOT "get stronger" because of global warming.
  14. Big storm insurance losses are NOT "increasing."
  15. Flooding in Mumbai is NOT "increasing."
  16. Severe tornadoes have NOT been "more frequent."
  17. The sun does NOT directly "Heat the Arctic ocean."
  18. Arctic is NOT "Warming fastest."
  19. The Greenland ice sheet is NOT "unstable."
  20. Himalayan glacial melt waters are NOT "Failing."
  21. Peruvian glaciers are NOT "disappearing."
  22. Mountain glaciers worldwide are NOT "disappearing."
  23. There is no Sahara desert "drought" caused by global warming.
  24. West Antarctic ice sheet is NOT "unstable."
  25. Antarctic Peninsula ice "shelve break-ups" are NOT caused by global warming.
  26. The Larson B ice shelf did NOT break up because of global warming.
  27. Mosquitoes are NOT climbing to higher altitudes because of global warming.
  28. Tropical diseases are NOT sensitive to warmer temperature or global warming.
  29. West Nile virus did NOT spread through the U.S. due to global warming.
  30. Carbon dioxide is NOT "pollution."
  31. The European heat wave of 2003: Global warming did NOT "kill 35,000."
  32. Pied flycatchers CAN "feed their young."
  33. Gore's pictures and film footage WERE bogus.
  34. The Thames barrier is NOT "closing more frequently" due to global warming.
  35. Al Gore's facts ARE IN DISPUTE.

Read the scentifically supported details at "35 Inconvenient Truths, The errors in Al Gore's movie", written by Christopher Monckton of Brenchly, at the Science and Public Policy Institute web site.

You can also download a PDF of the report here.

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