Jan 7, 2008

Tippy Canoe Is Back!

Tippy Canoe on the Historic Columbia River Highway is open again! The Mrs. and I attended a packed pre-opening event Thursday night. The food was great, the beer and wine flowed, and happy faces were everywhere! In spite of the wall-to-wall crush of people, I was able meet new owner Shirley Welton to congratulate her on preserving and renewing such a fantastic new dining experience. I also shared my family's history with Tippy Canoe- my parents dined there in 1949 or 1950 on their first (blind) date.

New owner Shirley Welton and crew have transformed the old, smoky, dark Tippy Canoe into a totally refurbished and beautiful new dining treasure along the Sandy River.(Check out Shirley's Oregon Coast restaurants here.) This is truly a historic location, which along with another famous neighbor, Tad's Chicken 'n Dumplings, take us back to the origins of the Historic Columbia River Highway. Pdxhistory.com has a good history of those early roadhouses here.

Tippy Canoe officially opens Monday, January 7 at 6am for breakfast. We'll see you there!
Address: 28242 E. Historic Columbia River Highway, Troutdale. (North of the Stark St. Bridge).

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