Oct 11, 2011

Viewpoint Inn Owners:"Blame Everyone Else First" Poster Boys

 Geoff Thompson and Angelo Simione, the former owners of the View Point Inn who incurred over $3 million in debt,  much of it to local business owners, have now joined the "Occupy Portland" protests. 

Watch this video to see them in action at the protests:

The story of the demise of the View Point Inn has been covered extensively in the media. According to the Gresham Outlook,

"...court documents revealed that Thompson owes upward of $2.9 million to hundreds of creditors — including government agencies, local businesses and people who held or who were planning to hold events at the inn. Of that amount, Thompson owes $2.8 million in secured debt, including a federal tax lien of almost $104,000, at least five state tax liens, at least nine judgment liens and other trust deeds and mortgages. He also owes unsecured debt totaling almost $128,000, as well as money to at least 188 creditors with “unknown” claims."

  Thompson and Simione, who have blamed their business failures on everyone from President Obama to local creditors who had the nerve to insist on being paid for their work, are the ideal poster boys for the essential message of the entire Occupy Wall Street crowd:


How ironic that they're blaming President Obama, because "Blame Everyone Else First" has been Obama's tag line for the past three years as a way to excuse his failures. Blame Bush! Blame the Republicans! Blame the Tea Party! Blame the economy! Blame those who cling to their guns and religion! Blame Congress!

I'm sure they'll all be very happy together, blaming everyone else but themselves for their failures.

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MAX Redline said...

Dead-on. But really...they had good intentions, so that should be all that matters.