Jan 9, 2008

Troutdale's No Thank You #2 re:IGA- Multnomah County Vehicle Reg. Fee

Last night, a majority of the Troutdale City Council declined a request by Multnomah County to reconsider its earlier vote rejecting an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA)which would have allowed Multnomah County to place an increase in vehicle registration fees on a future ballot.

Even though all four city councilors (including me) who voted against the IGA at the last city council meeting declined to make a motion for reconsideration, Troutdale Mayor Paul Thalhofer attempted to allow reconsideration of the vote anyway. We then reminded the Mayor that our City Council rules require that to consider or even discuss the IGA as requested by Multnomah County, a member of the prevailing side (those voting no in this case) would need to make a motion to reconsider the rejected motion. Frankly, I was a little offended that the Mayor made this attempt to circumvent council rules.

Where do we go from here? Replacement funding isn't coming any time soon.
A technical memo from Multnomah County regarding the 2005 structural condition inspection and evaluation stated that the Sellwood bridges' concrete girder approach spans are in serious condition. Under the National Bridge Inventory System rating system, the definition of serious is:

"loss of section,deterioration, spalling or scour have seriously affected primary structural components. Local failures are possible".

Local FAILURES are possible. Personally, I believe the Sellwood bridge is a disaster waiting to happen. Replacement funding isn't coming any time soon. At last night's meeting, I implored Commissioner Roberts and County Chair Ted Wheeler to put public safety first, and have the courage to close the Sellwood bridge now.

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