Mar 24, 2008

Groundbreaking Ceremony Means Free Coffee

The city of Troutdale held a ground breaking ceremony for its new parks facilities building this morning. The real workers- excavator operators, dump truck drivers, etc. stopped for a few minutes so several Troutdale city councilors could put on construction helmets, grab never-before-used shovels, and pose as if they were actually shovelling dirt.

Let's face it. The excavators had been moving dirt since the crack of dawn this morning. Their work was well in progress by the time elected officials like me showed up for the photo opportunity at 9am. I have to admit this was my first ground breaking photo opportunity. But it was fun. And hey! Michelle Rosenberger from the city brought donut holes and hot coffee for everyone! Thanks, Michelle! You made our morning more fun!

Funny thing about those donut holes. No one touched them- they didn't want to get powdered sugar on their nice suits. But we stepped in the mud in our nice shoes for the photo op. Go figure.

We also got to witness one of the dump trucks backing into one of the city's pickup trucks. That's something you don't see every day. . .

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