Apr 8, 2008

It's Budget Time In Troutdale

3 proposed new FTE's. A loss of over $200,000 in annual revenue from Fairview/Wood Village's decision to do their own building inspections instead of contracting with Troutdale. The usual increases in wages and benefits, but surprisingly, a stable PERS rate. A long, long list of proposed capital projects- millions of dollars worth.

I received the City of Troutdale proposed 2008-09 budget over the weekend. The budget committee meetings begin next week. After a first glance at the proposed budget, nothing really jumped out at me except the loss of building permit revenue. Although we've known about this for quite some time, that's still a lot of money to take out of our general fund budget.

More to come. . .


ron w said...

Is the proposed budget public? I have know idea what one looks like. Is it possible to post a link?

Troutdale Councilor Canfield said...

You can download Troutdale's 2007-2008 adopted city budget, Troutdale's Urban Renewal Agency 2007-08 adopted budget, and Troutdale's 2005-2006 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report at the following link:

Troutdale Councilor Canfield said...

The 2008-09 proposed Troutdale budget isn't online. If you go down to city hall you can take a look at it. Or better yet, come to one of the budget committee meetings next week. Call city hall at 503-665-5175 for meeting times and locations