May 21, 2008

Good Timing!

I mowed the lawn Tuesday afternoon and what do you know? It rained Wednesday! Good timing, indeed. I have a love/hate relationship with lawn mowing. When I was a kid, I hated mowing the lawn. Mostly because of parents who made kids do things like mow the lawn instead of going fishing.

I also hated to mow our lawn as a kid because of the eight pear trees in our front and back yard. Mushy pears were all over our yard during prime pear season. And mushy pears attract bees. Wasps. Stinging things.And things that sting hate it when they're sucked into the lawnmower. And the stinging things don't like being in the grass catcher. When they're dumped out of the grass catcher hidden amongst the grass clippings, they're pretty good at non-verbal communication, too. I hated those bees and their non-verbal communication.

But an amazing thing happened one day. I learned to LOVE mowing the lawn. Because I found out that neighbors would actually PAY you to mow their lawns. Five bucks. Front and back. Aaah. And most of my neighbors had filbert or walnut trees in their yards. No pears! No bees!


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