Nov 13, 2008

West Columbia Gorge Chamber Director: Who's Next?

Diane McKeel's election to the Multnomah County Commission means someone will be taking her place as Executive Director of the West Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce. I've talked to several people involved with the Chamber. Based on what I've heard, potential candidates for the position include several current Chamber board members as well as two or three external, but well known candidates.

There is also talk of combining the Executive Director position with the newly funded Economic Development Director position. This makes sense to me. Neither position really pays enough for a quality new hire. One person could easily do both jobs. A combined position and higher salary would mean the Chamber could attract a talented replacement for McKeel, whose current salary is only $38-42k per year. That's not enough money to attract the kind of economic rainmaker this area sorely needs.

Troutdale and the other government entities sharing in the cost of the new Economic Development Director position should sit down with the Chamber and make a merger of the two positions a reality.

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