Oct 29, 2010

Troutdale Residents: You're The Boss!

As a Troutdale citizen, you're the owner of a $28 million organization called the City of Troutdale. It's time for new leadership. Who will you choose? Robert Canfield is your best choice for Troutdale City Council Position #5. Here's why:

It's hard to find someone more dedicated to maintaining Troutdale's livability. I share our Police Chief's goal of making Troutdale the most livable city in America. I want to make that goal a reality.

A Passion for Tackling and Solving Troutdale's Challenges

These problems need our immediate attention:

Public Safety
• Increased gang activity
• Overcrowded, dilapidated police building

• Retaining and strengthening existing
• Attracting new businesses

• Inadequate and unmet goals
• Missed project deadlines, wasted resources
• Lack of accountability for money spent

Examples of Robert Canfield’s Solutions:

Public Safety Solutions
• New community police facility
• Improve Neighborhood Watch program
• Support Crime Analysis program

Jobs Solutions
• Initiate “Buy Troutdale First” program
• Continue new business-fee waiver program

Accountability Solutions
• Set long-term, measurable city goals
• Improve project budgeting and oversight
• Demand accountability for your tax dollars

  • East Metro Association of Realtors
  • Troutdale City Councilor Glenn White
  • Troutdale Budget Committee Chair Tanney Staffenson
  • Troutdale Police Chief Scott Anderson
  • Troutdale Police Advisory Committee Chair Mike Goss
  • City of Fairview Mayor Mike Weatherby
  • City of Damascus Councilor David Jothen
  • Carl Tebbens
  • Tina Tebbens

There is a lot at stake in this $28 million dollar per year organization called the City of Troutdale. That's why I am asking for your vote. Because I have demonstrated leadership by a strong track record of solving Troutdale's challenges. I am asking for your vote because I have a broad understanding of Troutdale's issues. I am asking for your vote because I have a strong track record of getting things done on the City Council.

I am asking for your vote so that together,  we can make sure that Troutdale remains a great place to work, a great place to raise a family, and a safe place for our kids to ride their bikes to the library, or to get ice cream at the Dairy Queen.

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