Feb 15, 2019

RIP and farewell, John Wilson

Troutdale has lost one of its own, John Wilson. Husband, father, grandfather, former city councilor, long time volunteer for Summerfest, the Troutdale Cruise-in, the Boy Scouts.

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John "Moondoggie" Wilson at a Troutdale Cruise-In
I first met John in 2004 during the Troutdale city council races. My wife and I got to know John and his wife Paula at many of Troutdale's  restaurants  during the "First Friday Artwalks".  Often, John and I got so involved talking local politics, our wives would just roll their eyes and walk away, leaving us as they went to find fun elsewhere.

Neither my wife Tana or myself were fortunate enough to be raised with a brother. But John became like a brother to both of us. He always greeted  Tana with ,  "Hi, sis"!

John, Tana and I all volunteered for the Troutdale Summerfest over the years. We worked together on the Troutdale budget committee. Both John and I served on the Troutdale city council at different times.  Over the years, we had literally hundreds of  post-meeting "beer and bull" sessions with our fellow local political junkies at most every watering hole in Troutdale.

During election season, we went door-to-door campaigning for ourselves or for other candidates, He would take one side of the street, I'd take the other. Of course this was an excuse to end up at Ye Olde Pub or Skyland pub for more "bull sessions".

John, being a classic car lover (and having a classic car himself), was most passionate about organizing the annual Troutdale Cruise-In. It took a lot of hard work, planning, organizing, and diplomacy to pull off a successful event year in and year out.

John was tremendously proud of his son Christopher and daughter Brianna. He was extremely thrilled to become a grandfather. And it was very obvious he was totally in love with his wife Paula.

John was one of Troutdale's "great ones". He was a friend to the entire community. If you needed something done, a helping hand, or someone to talk to, John was the go-to guy.

Terry Smoke said when he and his wife Jodi  visited John and his wife Paula in the hospital, Paula said, "You go to work one day as if it's another day and something happens and your life is changed".

Never forget that and remember your family and friends are all that really matters.

 John, we will miss you. Farewell to my best friend. I know you're showing off your Corvette to all the other classic car lovers in heaven!

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JoyLynn said...

What a lovely tribute to a man's man. You will be missed by family, friends and many acquaintances. Rest in peace, John.